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In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the current situation of fashion styles and what makes them so distinctive.

Most of the time fashion is more than just trend-setting, it often becomes a part of the personality, art, performance, versatility, and on and on and on. Past to current generations has a unique fashion approach that reflects their values, interests, and lifestyles. Talking about the current situation sustainable fashion is slowly becoming an integral part of our lives.

People have become more conscious about the environmental impact of their fashion choices and prefer clothing made from eco-friendly materials, such as handmade organic cotton, linen, silk, khadi, jute, recycled polyester Tencel, etc. Research shows that people have to prioritize comfort over vanity,

They are approaching more towards personalization and customization whether it's through handcrafted textures made by weaving fabrics, handmade embroidery, handcrafted printing, patches, or other DIY techniques. They like to express their individuality and creativity through their clothing. Research shows that weekend wear is characterized by bold prints and bright colors and weekdays are characterized more by earthly tones. Gender fluidity has become more receptive. Well! Current fashion lovers see sustainable handcrafted and artisanal wear as their expression of their unique style. They are willing to pay more for clothing made from sustainable materials and are more likely to support brands that prioritize ethical and sustainable production methods.


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