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Do you know What’s your second skin?

Your clothes

Clothing is our second skin which makes us feel confident and comfortable at all times. Choose to buy and wear clothes that will make your skin and our planet feel safe. Your second skin is your social and ecological impact - Choose well!

  • Know who made your fabric aka your second skin.

  • Buy fewer clothes but of high quality.

  • Create a wardrobe that will last.

A more classic and timeless look is versatile on different occasions and supports sustainability.

Do not throw away your clothes it takes many years to decompose, instead, you can return them to the brand, donate, recycle, upcycle, or redesign them.

Remember every piece in your closet has a purpose and is a winner.

Live a life filled with sustainability It will help a lot to reduce the disastrous environmental impact of fashion.

Know your second skins (your garments) supply chain well.

Farheen from Shonabyzain.

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