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Artisanal saga

Artisanal saga:

I call it sustaining Cultural enrichment.

Authentic sustainable handcrafted art is pure pride and joy. It is discipline to the environment and planet. Environmental & socially responsible artisanal garment is our pride. Make it yours too.

Offstage artists saga- Indigenous weaving practices are the future of our country; this is what I personally depict from Gandhi’s practices of swadeshi. Artisanal handmade crafts are intimately linked to economic freedom and self-determination. The timeless Ajrakh art or the lavish and royal treat of Banaras weaving has a special characteristic of our national essence.

A nation rich in the art of beautiful imperfection, say it patchwork or godhdi art. This technique is known for restoring and making whole again from fragmented pieces. This is again a unique artisanal vision to find aesthetics and beauty within imperfections.

A delicate echo of weaving which is centuries long is heard in the chequered weave of Kota Doria, it does resemble mysteriousness.

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