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About Creative Head


“Ethical fashion is mindfulness and it is the identification of the personalities behind the clothes,” says Founder & Creative Director, Farheen of SHONABYZAIN. she says The word Shona is Soul, love, a language, beauty, gold and has many positive meanings and is recognized globally in most of the cultures. Further, she adds “Revolution looks fabulous when we move towards sustainability”. SHONA BY ZAIN – A STORY OF TIMELESS PIECES, The tagline itself defines the process of the brand’s purpose. SHONA is an acronym for Sustainable handcrafted organically nurtured art. SHONABYZAIN ~ A Hermitage which works on highlighting the art and craft of various artisans globally. It helps to build sustainable livelihoods for Artisans across the globe. It not only believes in contribution but also believes in nourishing the ecosystem. An environmentally friendly brand whose philosophy is weaving and bonding sustainable practices. Ours is a nation where art is a prominent part of its culture, we have the opportunity for projecting beyond boundaries. We at SHONABYZAIN are dedicated to developing a mélange of tradition, modesty, and modernism in fashion, art, and design by taking inspiration from various cultures across the globe.

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